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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

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The power of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) requires consistent and accurate data tracked and reviewed by a dedicated care management team who summarizes the data into helpful information for the provider team.

Using readily available technologies and industry-leading FDA approved devices, a patient’s health data is securely transmitted to our HIPAA-compliant software platform. The OsiLIFE health management portal enables our patient care managers and physician teams to easily track and review patient’s health information.

Our team of professional care managers review the patient’s data every day and works with the patient and the patient’s physician to enable the prescribed care plan. Patient information can be easily shared with those authorized, and is fully protected from others.

We partner with the top providers of devices, who pledge all their support to ensure their devices are accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

Contact us today to find out more about the sensor devices, patient data tracking, and patient reporting capabilities we utilize in our RPM services.

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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

The Best Team

OsiLIFE’s care management team has the ability to monitor patients with multiple chronic conditions. These patients may be seen by a provider up to four times per year for approximately 15 minutes per visit. A collaborative provider-driven CCM program with OsiLIFE ensures patients are evaluated multiple times between clinic visits.

Our team of clinic experienced and certified care managers is assigned patient caseloads from our client clinics. Each patient has a physician-prescribed care plan using the latest standards of care. Acting as an extension of the patient’s provider team, OsiLIFE’s team follows up with their assigned patients to check on their overall health and their progress in achieving their prescribed care plan.

Each OsiLIFE care management team is assigned specific patients and only that team interacts with those patients. Consistent interface with the same care management team helps to create patient trust and aids in coordinating and managing the patient’s chronic conditions as prescribed by their doctor.

Our approach is highly successful and excels where technology only solutions fail. OsiLIFE believes human interaction is key to achieving quality patient care and providing information to doctors rather than just data. Regular contact and consistent interfacing of data are required to achieve early detection and timely effective treatment of conditions. Early detection and treatment improves a patient’s quality of life and reduces hospitalization.

Contact us today to learn more about how our methods and approaches can help your clinic elevate the effectiveness and quality care of your patients through a self-funding model.

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OsiLIFE is remote patient monitoring made simple. It’s where convenience meets reliability.


Health & Wellness Services

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OsiLIFE is energized to be a leader within what promises to be one of the most transformational eras in healthcare.

We are uniquely positioned in the healthcare industry to enhance access to care and improve health outcomes through the delivery of a person-centered care plan that drives positive clinical outcomes for patients and positive financial outcomes for practices.

Our methods and systems can be tailored to achieve targeted objectives such as…

  • achieve greater medication adherence
  • augment corporate health and wellness programs
  • prevent avoidable ER visits, hospitalizations and readmissions
  • ensure at home patient rehab activity after surgery
  • systematize assessment tools that foster care coordination for behavioral, development, and addiction disorders

Contact us to discuss how our solutions can help add value to your organizational goals.

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