Remote patient monitoring technology with a human touch

Remote patient monitoring technology with a human touch


Clinic Operations

OsiLIFE works with clinical teams to design a remote patient monitoring program that supports a provider’s objectives for a targeted patient population.

  • Experienced care managers that extend your trust relationship with patients

  • Proactive remote patient monitoring with actionable insights from sensors and staff

  • Simple to integrate processes designed for clinic workflows

Remote Patient Services

OsiLIFE works with providers to align reimbursement activities with remote patient program objectives.

  • Easy-to-use sensors designed for patients to set up on their own

  • Automatic monitoring, reporting and analysis 

  • Detailed RPM and CCM information for streamlined reimbursements


OsiLIFE helps patients elevate the quality of their care through improved communication with their provider and enhanced monitoring of their conditions. 

  • Straightforward devices you can use from the comfort of home

  • Detailed reports provided to your doctors for proactive treatments

  • Supportive care managers to discuss sensor readings and topics from your doctor

Remote Patient Monitoring Technology with a Human Touch


OsiLIFE combines reliable technology with a human touch to partner with doctors and their clinical team to provide a more personalized healthcare experience for their patients. Our diverse team of experienced and certified care managers works closely with healthcare providers to offer remote patient monitoring services for patients through the use of home based sensors, routine phone call check-ins and summary reporting of patient information and trends.OsiLIFE Care Managers are the ‘Patient Care Partners’ you can depend on to collectively address the challenges of managing large patient populations, while driving value up and cost down for providers and patients alike.

Our Vision...

Be a partner of choice for our clients by helping them pioneer, champion and sustain innovative healthcare practices that drive up patient care quality - and drive down costs.

Our Mission...

“Better health care for every life entrusted to us... and improved efficiencies for every care team we serve"

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