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OsiLIFE is a passion-driven business pursuit from its parent Osi Vision LLC. To know us – you need to meet Osi Vision first.

The name “Osi Vision” comes from our heritage and mission. Our founder is Native American Indian and “Osi” translates to Eagle in the Chickasaw language. “Eagle Vision” is Osi Vision’s mission. We work closely with the Department of Defense, other U.S. government entities, and private sector clients. Our expertise is in the fields of data management, security and analysis. We work on projects that include Cybersecurity/InfoSec; GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance); Information Technology; Engineering & Integration; Logistics; Communications and Healthcare.

With our corporate headquarters located in “Military City” USA (San Antonio, Texas), Osi Vision has access to and works with various nationally-centered military health facilities located here. Driven by a passion to make a difference for our veterans and non-veterans, we combined our well-seasoned “tech & touch” solution delivery expertise with additional healthcare industry experts to create OsiLIFE.

Beneath its name, OsiLIFE is a team of diverse professionals who bring their expertise and experience to collectively address the challenges of managing large patient populations. Where we are uniquely qualified to develop innovative approaches which drive value up and cost down for patients and providers alike; we are also driven personally to make it happen.

We took the best ideas, proven approaches, and innovatively superior products and wrapped it all around high-quality patient care services. High touch equates to truly improved patient care. Technology powered with a human touch equates to effective delivery of services, efficient data tracking, information reporting, and highly secured environments.


Care Team

OsiLIFE has put together a team of certified medical professionals that bring multiple years of clinic-based experience. They are compassionate and advocate for a patient’s well-being and overall health.

OsiLIFE Care Managers are knowledgeable of HIPAA requirements and understand provider workflows and expectations. In addition to a strong familiarity of the community and population they serve, they truly listen to patients and understand their needs.

Gentleman with Hat
"Osi" translates to eagle in the Chickasaw language. "Eagle Vision" is Osi Vision's mission; "OsiLIFE" keeps a soaring eagle's eye on patients."

Our Vision…

Be a partner of choice for our clients by helping them pioneer, champion and sustain innovative healthcare practices that drive up patient care quality - and drive down costs.

Our Mission…

“better healthcare for every life entrusted to us… and improved efficiencies for every care team we serve”

Leadership Team

Dave Henderson

Dave Henderson

President & CEO

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in IT, cybersecurity, telecom system development, software, healthcare and logistics, Henderson is driven by his passion and commitment to making a difference in underserved populations by providing better methods to address chronic illnesses.

As CEO and President of OsiLIFE and OsiVision, Henderson utilizes his executive leadership experience in large publicly traded companies, startups and small businesses, to steer OsiLIFE’s overall vision, strategy and customer experiences.

Joey Oliver

Joey Oliver


At OsiLIFE, Oliver applies his 30 years of leadership experience to manage overall business operations and commercial performance. Over the last two decades, he has focused on successfully developing and commercializing innovative products and services into the healthcare industry.

Aside from his managerial duties, Oliver also offers a patient perspective on chronic illness to the team and understands the importance of managing the disease and controlling its progression.

Tony Arevalo

Tony Arevalo

VP - General Counsel

Arevalo brings over 20 years of senior management and advising experience in the areas of corporate governance, contracts, resources optimization and business growth. Arevalo currently oversees C-level responsibilities and team leadership for engineering, medical operations, manufacturing, logistics and IT for several sizeable federal and commercial contracts.

Before joining OsiLIFE, Arevalo provided senior-level medical operations advisement on clinical operations for the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Private sector.

Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz

Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz

Consulting CMO

Dr. Schwartz is a board-certified Endocrinologist and one of the leading experts in diabetes research, treatment and management. During his more than 40 year medical career, Dr. Schwartz founded and managed one of the largest diabetes clinics and research facilities in the United States.

At OsiLIFE, Dr. Schwartz is responsible for clinical advisory insight in an effort to enhance information gathering and reporting for practitioners.

Dr. Schwartz chairs an OsiLIFE Clinical Advisory Panel with more than 100 years of collective clinical experience and Board Certifications in Endocrinology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine and Behavioral Health.

Johnny Lockett

Johnny Lockett


Lockett brings more than 30 years of industry experience managing and securing IT infrastructures for multiple international and national companies across a variety of industries. He provides extensive experience in innovative business solutions architecture, information security, data management, business growth planning and operations management.

Lockett oversees IT governance and compliance, including responsibility for data management, security and integrity.

Linda Guinn

Linda Guinn

HR Director

Guinn has 20 years of professional business experience in human resources, business operations logistics, customer service, training, career development and employee benefits. Throughout her career, she has facilitated organizational changes and growth in a variety of sectors such as government contracting services and a large successful clinician group practice.

Guinn manages human resources and employee experiences, including benefit programs, recruitment, hiring, training and career development.

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