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Improved Patient Outcomes

Easy to use sensors are provided to patients for use at home: readings are automatically sent to OsiLIFE for monitoring, analysis, follow-up, and summary reporting to provider.

Minimize Clinic Burden

Scheduled triage calls between OsiLIFE and patients based on provider’s care plan: OsiLIFE summary reporting and prioritized alerting to provider.

OsiLIFE maintains HIPAA and HiTrust compliant environments.

New Profitable Revenue Stream

OsiLIFE documents sensor readings and time related to Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management by patient to provider’s business team for monthly reimbursement submission.

Pricing Considerations

OsiLIFE works with providers to align reimbursement activities with objectives of remote patient program.

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Expectations and Commitment

Easy to use devices (blood pressure cuff, weight scale, etc.) in the comfort of your home. Sensor information is securely transmitted to OsiLIFE and shared with your doctor.

Experience Overview

Scheduled calls from experienced Care Managers to discuss health and life concerns, including sensor reading and topics from your doctor.

Health Benefits

More consistent, proactive information about your health from your everyday environment provided to your doctor.

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OsiLIFE’s remote patient services enable providers to offer proactive healthcare services to patients between clinic visits.



OsiLIFE’s remote patient services enable providers to offer proactive healthcare services to patients between clinic visits. These remote programs are focused on at-risk patients and result in improved patient outcomes, decreased expensive episodic events and reduced patient claims and associated costs. CMS provides reimbursement to providers for these proactive remote healthcare programs, and many private insurers and employers are following that lead and incorporating remote monitoring practices into their business strategy.

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